Guarding Your Milk

We know how precious your breastmilk is. Just like pre-baby boobs, it’s irreplaceable (even though alternatives are out there).

Selecting a company to freeze-dry your breastmilk is an important decision. There are SO many precautions that must be followed for handling and storing breastmilk to maintain its safety and nutritional value.

Mama, we know you love to cover all your bases – so here's the deets on the available safety screens/permits/regulations for companies that freeze-dry breastmilk.

Breastmilk Safety at Booby Food

As the 1st breastmilk freeze-drying service in the world, Booby Food had to trailblaze health & safety regulations, as little to none existed in 2018.

To date, Booby Food is the one and only breastmilk freeze-drying service that has undergone federal safety screening, and the 1st to succeed in fulfilling Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR).

In addition to our licensing below, we are required to uphold strict safety protocols, including: daily pre-operation checks, regular environmental testing (including light, air quality and water testing), as well as microbial testing of samples and equipment.

Our facility is regularly and thoroughly inspected by Canadian government health officials, both provincial and federal.

Safe Food for Canadians License

Issued by Health Canada’s Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Booby Food has worked alongside Federal Health Officials, Federal and Provincial Health Inspectors, Private Food Safety Consultants, Globally Accredited Labs and Provincial Food Safety Managers to satisfy Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR).

Government health officials conducted in-person and on-site audits of processes and procedures including (but not limited to) sanitation, Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), Hazards identification, analysis and control measures (HACCP principles), packaging and tracability.

Alberta Health Services Safety License & Permit

Issued by Alberta Health Services

We follow strict guidelines set forth by Albera Health Services (AHS), the local governing body for health services in Alberta, Canada. AHS is responsible for establishing and maintaining regulations to ensure a safe and healthy environment. By adhering to AHS guidelines, we can assure our clients that we take extra precautions to prevent cross-contamination.

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Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – USA

There are currently ZERO FDA-approved breastmilk freeze-drying services in the USA. This is because there are no formalized FDA regulations for the breastmilk freeze-drying industry. Breastmilk freeze-drying services are categorized under ‘Retail’ within the USA market. This means if you can sell a candle in the USA, you can sell freeze-dried breastmilk. WHELP.

USA Mamas, please do your homework. As the FDA is NOT conducting formalized inspections, it is imperative you are confident that the company you choose is following ALL industry best practices.

USA & CANADA Food Safety Agreement

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have an agreement in place to ensure food/food-like products traded between Canada and the USA is safe. The three entities have reviewed each other’s food safety systems, and have agreed they are similar and strong.

They have agreed to work together, share information, and support each other in regard to food safety. They want to protect people's health and make trade between the two countries better.

Booby Food is continuously pushing for regulation in the USA. An unregulated industry that has your babe's health in the balance is not something that should be listed in the "retail" category alongside candles.

With Booby Food being the first regulated breastmilk freeze drying service in the world, the FDA now has a foundation to set the standards for safety.

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