Meet Janna

Hi, I'm Janna, the founder of Booby Food.

As a mama of two, I've personally experienced the challenges and anxieties of breastfeeding, pumping, and managing my milk supply. After so many tears were shed over spilled (and spoiled) milk, I was determined to find a solution to stop the madness for others.

Mamas, meet Booby Food. We freeze-dry your breastmilk into shelf-stable powder, and deliver it right to your door in convenient pouches.

I'm a loving wife and mama to two adorable babes – Sage & Kassius, who I fondly call the 'wreckers of nipples.' I hold a degree in kinesiology, and a diploma in holistic nutrition. For over a decade, I’ve been immersed in the health and nutrition industry, from personal training, alternative medicine and had a private nutrition practice before saving breastmilk stashes.

My parenting journey began with the birth of my son Sage, who was born small for gestational age. Initially advised to start him on formula, I later faced the challenge of transitioning to exclusive breastfeeding.

I dealt with a low milk supply and postpartum anxiety but remained resolute in my mission to provide the best nutrition for my baby.

"I dealt with a low milk supply and postpartum anxiety but remained resolute in my mission to provide the best nutrition for my baby."

When it was time for Sage to begin solid foods, I was eager to incorporate my breastmilk into his meals but couldn't bear the thought of wasting any of my precious stash. That's when I discovered freeze-dried breastmilk, which has been used by milk banks in Europe for decades. After extensive research and trial runs, Booby Food was born.

Booby Food transforms your breastmilk into freeze-dried powder, retaining essential nutrients, extending shelf life (not to mention saving freezer space). Now, you can carry your breastmilk in your baby bag, pocket or purse, and easily mix it into a bottle or sprinkle on top of any of your toddler’s meals.

I'm excited to share Booby Food with you and help you make the most of your breastmilk, so you can focus on what truly matters: loving and nurturing your precious babe.

Boobs, Babes and Better Nutrition

The Booby Food brand was inspired by 70’s retro vibes. Our cartoons are simple and fun to remind us that Mamahood is really the greatest gift (other than an overnight, free, all-natural booby lift… amiright?).

The logo’s icon "Oo" is ever so slightly lopsided - because let’s face it.. when we’re breastfeeding, they’re never the same size. Some also say that it resembles all those barely-one-eye-open mornings, just before the coffee kicks in. And well, us Mamas… we’re usually pretty tired – we’re running the world, after all!

Booby Food is: Always thoughtful. Forever caring. With just the right amount of sass. AND 100% committed to healthy, happy babes.

Booby Foodies Unite!