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Long Live Your Breastmilk

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We freeze-dry YOUR breastmilk into a shelf-stable, travel friendly powder that lasts for YEARS!

With your powdered breastmilk, you can make or fortify bottles on the go and add to your babe's foods as they grow!

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Long Live Your Breastmilk

Imagine having the convenience of formula with the undeniable nutritional superpowers of your own breastmilk. Life is so much easier without worrying about losing your stash to thawing, melting or power outages.

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The very best of everything for your babe.

You're busy, tired and somehow wired all at the same time - and yet, you still want to nourish your babe with the very best. We got you, Mama.

At Booby Food, our mission is to help you never waste a drop of your liquid gold.
We freeze-dry YOUR breastmilk into a shelf-stable powder that’s jam-packed with all the vital nutrients and goodness that YOU MADE!

Longer Shelf Life

Frozen breastmilk is best used within ~12 months. Extend the quality of life in your breastmilk to 3-5 years and beyond!

Convenient & Discreet

Mix, sprinkle and dash your freeze-dried breastmilk into pretty much any food or bevy! Big or small, your babe will benefit from it all.

Ready For Travel

Your freeze-dried breastmilk travels with ease: no freezers, no coolers, no stress.

Never Waste A Drop

Use as much or little as your babe needs. No more half-thawed bags of breastmilk going down the drain.

Switch To Solids Easier

Adding your Booby Food will help your babe's tummy and tastebuds adapt to those first foods. They'll be getting something new, mixed with something they're used to (your breastmilk).

Booby Food makes shipping your frozen breastmilk
EASY & SAFE across Canada, USA and beyond!

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How Freeze-Drying Breastmilk Works

Helping to Feed Babes in Need

Not all babies have the best start in life and for them access to the highest quality nutrition is critical. As a Mama of a babe who was born a medical condition, it is especially important to make sure we gave back to the community with #BoobyFoodFeeds.

Booby Food donates a portion of sales from every service to the NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank to help feed NICU babies and health compromised newborns all over Canada.

Feel good knowing when you book a Booby Food service you’re also helping to feed a baby in need.