Nutritional Testing

Wanna Know What’s in Your Breastmilk?

Want to know a little more about the nutrients in your freeze-dried breastmilk? Or maybe you’re fortifying your babe’s bottles/foods and need to know the nutrition facts to do so safely. Now you can find out how many calories, total fat, protein and carbohydrates are in your Booby Food!

Lab-Certified Breastmilk Testing

Booby Food has teamed up with Nutralytical + Element Labs, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification to offer this invaluable service so you can take the guesswork out of fortification.

We send one 15g bag (equivalent to ~3-5 oz liquid breastmilk) of your freeze-dried breastmilk to the lab and about 1 week later, VOILA - you’ll receive your lab-certified results.

Personalized Nutritional Analysis

We provide an easy-to-digest handbook, so you’ll know exactly what golden goodness is inside your freeze-dried breastmilk. The lab analyzes:


Total Fat



Move over formula! You’re not the only way to fortify anymore.

Before Booby Food, the only way to fortify your babe’s bottles and food was to use powdered infant formula. Now, you can have the convenience of formula with the undeniable nutritional superpowers of your own freeze-dried breastmilk!

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Need to fortify? Bring your Booby Food & lab-tested nutrition facts to your health care provider & create a fortification plan based on your babe's needs!