The Magical Benefits of Your Freeze-Dried Breastmilk

Freeze-drying your frozen breastmilk to a powder that’s shelf-stable for years – packaged in baby-bag-ready pouches – Mama, Imagine the Possibilities!!

We know you want the best for your babe, and that includes providing them with the healthiest, most nutrient-rich diet, long past the breastfeeding/bottle stages.

Immune Protection

Helps to defend against colds, viruses & short/long-term illnesses.

On-the-Go Nourishment

Your freeze-dried breastmilk is always baby bag ready - whenever, wherever you are.


No coolers, no freezers, no stress - safe & nutritionally dense for years!

Nourish Your Babe by Preserving Your Incredible Nutrients

Freeze-drying maintains the nutritional integrity of your breastmilk, unlike dehydration methods that destroy heat-sensitive nutrients. Booby Food's unique process also prevents nutrient degradation.

We offer breastmilk nutritional analysis – get a customized report explaining precisely what essential nutrients are inside your freeze-dried breastmilk.


The ease of formula, with your personalized breastmilk nutrients!

Space Saver

Get your freezer space back! No more nightmares of your deep-freeze thawing out, either!


Your freeze-dried breastmilk offers SO much more than just a bottle - get recipes!

Helps High Lipase Breastmilk

Is your thawed breastmilk a little stinky or does it have an off-taste, despite being kept in the freezer the whole time? If your babe is reufusing a bottle, you may have something called high lipase. But it's okay, Mama. Booby Food's got your back (and your front). Lipase is an enzyme naturally found in breastmilk. It helps your babe digest fats. Some mamas have a higher amount of lipase, giving thier milk an off-smell/taste. High lipase breastmilk is completely safe to consume, but may be the reason your babe refuses a bottle. Freeze drying puts the lipase enzyme in "sleep" mode. Removing the water also makes your breastmilk milder in smell/taste. Babes are able to take a bottle again! No more wasted breastmilk!


Easy to transport - no coolers required & easy to carry on flights.

Surrogate Friendly

Give your surrogate family thier own freeze-dried breastmilk to take home. The gift that keeps on giving!

Never Waste A Drop

Use as much or as little as you need - no more milk down the sink!

Fortify Bottles Using YOUR Own Breastmilk Confidently

Move over formula. You're not the only option anymore!

Until now, mamas that needed to fortify bottles had to use powdered formula. Thanks to Booby Food, you can use your own powdered breastmilk! With our nutritional testing, you can know exactly how many calories, total fats, protein and carbs are in each bag, and work with your healthcare provider to create a fortification plan customized to your babe's needs.

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