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Long Live Your Breastmilk

You've lost countless hours of sleep, and had your body tugged, twisted and pulled in ways you've never thought imaginable. Some days it may not have felt worth it, but you powered on and now you've got the stash to prove it.

Let us save every drop for your babe to continue getting the protective benefits of your breastmilk for years to come.

Customize the package just right for you. Whether you have a little bit o’ milk, or a lot – we got you, mama!

1. Select If You're Shipping or Dropping Off Your Stash

Ship Within Canada

Proudly serving our Canadian mamas, since 2019. Select the amount of breastmilk you'd like freeze-dried, below.

Local Drop Off

Schedule an appointment, toss your breastmilk in a cooler, and personally it drop off at our local Booby Food facility, located in Calgary, AB Canada.

Ship From USA

Proudly serving our USA mamas, since 2019. Select the amount of breastmilk you'd like freeze-dried, below.

Ship International

Yes! We can arrange to have frozen breastmilk shipped (almost) anywhere in the world. Just fill out our international order form to get started.

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2. Select How Much Breastmilk You Want Freeze-Dried

2. How Much Breastmilk Do You Want Freeze-Dried?

2. How much Breastmilk do you want Freeze-Dried?

Stash Ultra

Up to 1850+
  • Your breastmilk freeze-dried and sealed into individual 15g pouches.
  • Customized water ratio.
  • Personalized Tips and Tricks Guide.
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Booby Food Makes Shipping Your Stash, Easy!

Sometimes it's not what you know, it's who you know.

We love our friends at FedEx who know exactly what a Booby Food parcel looks like and how to treat it with care! Booby Food and FedEx have shipped hundreds of frozen breastmilk packages within Canada, the USA and beyond.

Your frozen golden goodness is in good hands.

Have Questions? We Got You Mama!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions guide.