Tonya Dreger

Baby Name: Lucy

Amount of Breastmilk: 100oz

Instagram: @tonyadreger

I've always been interested in getting my stash freeze dried to add to food for my first babe once we were not nursing anymore. I (unexpectedly) got pregnant again when Lucy was only 7 months old and my supply dried up. I was shocked, hurt, and disappointed all while also I felt over the moon excited about another baby coming. But I was worried how this changed my breastfeeding journey with Lucy. 

Thankfully I had a wholesome stash frozen and was able to continue giving her my milk until she was 13 months. She's now 14.5 months and onto whole milk, and I want to freeze dry what's left of my stash from Lucy for the new baby (expected at the end of January) for ease of making bottles on the go and while travelling. 2 under 2 will be busy and having freeze dried milk will hopefully help just make one part of it easier. 

I definitely plan to nurse again but am so glad to have the option of freeze drying what I have left and can hopefully freeze dry more as well from a stash I build up with the new baby. I will also be using some in Lucy's food as well and in the new babies food after we are done nursing and I manage to create another frozen stash.

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