Regan Baribeau

Regan Baribeau

Baby Name: Ève

Amount of Breastmilk: 200oz

Instagram: @oregano007

I'm 41 years old and my third child was born last year (a baby girl after two boys!).  I failed to exclusively breastfeed both of my boys due to poor breastfeeding education and advice (from both nurses and several lactation consultants... make a hamburger out of your boob and shove it in your baby's face... WTF?!).  This caused extremely damaged nipples, pain, hungry babies, extreme anxiety/self-doubt and ultimately led me to give up breastfeeding with both of my sons even though I had amazing milk production.  Enter Baby 3.0 and something called The Thompson Method for Breastfeeding.  Baby Girl and I have been rocking EBF for 6 months and still going strong.  I still have great supply so I have a stash built up in my freezer but because my daughter is still feeding from the tap, there is no need to use my frozen breastmilk (and it’s taking up my ice cream freezer space).  I’m thrilled to now have a solution to let me save my Booby Food and use it at my own pace (because really, is thawing and heating and making sure you use it before it goes bad easy…?  Ummm, not really.)

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