Rachel Maroney

Rachel Maroney

Baby name: Lucille

Amount of breastmilk: 200oz

Instagram: @rachelbmaroney

With my first daughter, I had crippling oversupply. It was the WORST. Miserable. The only plus side was that my freezer had over 300oz of breastmilk frozen. Until the freezer broke one day and we didn't catch it in time. My soul was crushed

I built my stash back up to about 75-90oz, and another outage we missed. All lost.

Built it up again, got thrush, had to throw away my remaining 40oz.

For the entire rest of my breastfeeding journey where she was in school, I was pumping oz for oz what she drank in a day. It was not comfortable or reassuring or sustainable - we only got to breastfeed until 20 months because she came home during COVID and we chucked the bottles entirely.

I'm back at work and my youngest is at school and I sometimes check the milk in the freezer in the middle of the night, still. Even though I have an alarm on the freezer. I can't tell you how nice it will be to rest assured knowing I have shelf stable breastmilk. Also, a real nice silver lining to the fact that we've had about 15 sicknesses in the last 8 months - the antibodies will be spread throughout all of the baggies! Science is so cool!!

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