Paige Durand

Baby Name: Rosie

Amount of Breastmilk:  200oz

Instagram: @paige.durand 

I heard of Booby Food from Instagram when I was pregnant. My fiancé and I had our destination wedding date and venue picked out before I got pregnant, so I knew my baby would be around 6 months when we would be getting married. 

I had a goal to exclusively breastfeed for a year, but with a wedding and wedding related events I knew I would need to come up with a plan for feeding her while I was enjoying my wedding to the fullest! That's when I decided to reach a frozen stash of 150 ounces freeze dried with Booby Food so I wouldn't have to compromise my breastfeeding journey while we were away for our wedding. 

I'm not sure what I would have done if Booby Food didn't exist!!!

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