Nicole Bryan

Baby Name: Callie

Amount of Breastmilk:  700 oz

Instagram: @Nicolebryan07 

My breastfeeding journey started out never how I imagined. My baby girl, Callie, was born with a severe lip and tongue tie that prevented her from latching properly. Thankfully I had some pumped colostrum to give in the hospital and the first day or 2 we were home. Baby girl had her tongue and lip tie revised when she was 5 days old. It was too painful for her to get a full feed, so I started pumping every 3 hours. For the next couple weeks I bottle fed and then worked up the courage to try breastfeeding again. We started with a nipple shield and it worked ok, Callie would get very frustrated very fast though. Who could blame her, she was use to the bottle. I went to a lactation consultant and slowly we started to breastfeed again and Callie became a pro. But we still bottle feed her at night 2 bottles that Dad feeds her! I pump about 3-4x a day, mainly at night when Dad is bottle feeding her. Breastfeeding is hard, pumping is hard, but it is so very rewarding.

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