Natalie De Rose Kosior

Natalie De Rose Kosior

Baby Name: Olympia 

Amount of Breastmilk: 100oz

Instagram: @natskypoo


Olympia is our first, and like many new parents, we were worried about milk supply. Turns out we had nothing to work about and had an oversupply of milk. We were able to donate over 22 litres of breast milk to the Rogers Hixon Ontario Human Milk Bank. This meant that preemie babies had the option while in the NICU to receive breast milk before their mommas milk came in!!

After 6 months, the milk supply slowed down and we have now collected a little personal stash for Olympia. We are excited to have BoobyFood freeze-dry our milk, so that our stash is shelf stable and stops taking up room in our freezer!   This way Oly can continue to receive the benefits of breast milk once she’s no longer breast feeding, or she can have milk when I return to work. There are lots of options we are looking forward to exploring. 

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