Melissa Newton

Melissa Newton

Baby Name: Callie

Amount of Breastmilk: 425oz

Instagram: @melissa.newton_

This was my first baby that I actually was able to have a great freezer stash. That made it the hardest decision when it came time for us to move out of the country. I worked hard for that stash to have in case my supply dipped or my baby hit a growth spurt. I looking into flying with over 400oz of breast milk, and while it had been done before there was a risk of losing some or all of my milk. It wasn't a risk I wanted to take. When I found Booby Food, I had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I knew I could still take my milk stash and not risk losing any. It was a no brainer choice for my husband and I. (Especially when we added the cost up of what we had spent on a years worth of formula for our previous babies. The cost wasn't even comparable.) We are so thankful for Booby Food. 

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