Meghan Dafnos

Baby Name: Alexandra 

Amount of Breastmilk: 800oz

Instagram: @meghannx0

I exclusively pumped for my first daughter Sophia and was barely able to get enough milk out to be able to exclusively give her breast milk but I chugged along and made it to 2 years of pumping with only making about a 1/2 oz-3oz of milk per day for the last year of that time frame. so I decided to do direct breastfeeding this time around and was shocked with my milk supply! Even with feeding my daughter multiple times throughout the night and again early in the morning I'd end up needing to pump to relieve engorgement and got 15 extra ounces out every morning until she was about 15-16 months old. Before discovering Booby Food I had to purchase a new huge deep freezer just to put my milk in and was able to donate 2,500+ ounces to local mamas in need of milk for their babies. I am still happily breastfeeding my daughter at 26 months old now. :)

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