Megan Pereira

Megan Pereira

Baby Name: Caleb

Amount of Breastmilk: 200oz

Instagram: @ladyeuro

This is my third and "final" baby 😝 as hubby says sooo I wanted to find a way to store my breastmilk for a longer time! I was so excited to find booby food to help me do this. My previous two babies didn't take to a bottle or pacifier so i was there only source of nutrition and comfort... I had freezer fulls of breastmilk until that one dreaded day... the door was left open and ALLL my milk thawed! I cried as i poured over 500 oz of liquid gold that i worked so hard to save..this time that wont happen since ill have it in powder form! Im so grateful that this little one will take a bottle, and so is his big brother! Im so excited to try this out!

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