Lisa Escobar

Lisa Escobar

Baby Name: Ellie Marie  

Amount of Breastmilk: 100oz

Instagram: @lisa.lynn.kramer.escobar


My daughter was born 6 weeks early & spent some time in the NICU all in the middle of the pandemic. It wasn't easy by any means but we just celebrated 1 year of breastfeeding! Because she was born premature we had issues latching at the start. We started with syringe feeding and we Triple Fed for 2 months & went to lots of LC appointments, during that time we supplemented with donor milk, my milk, & formula. After the struggles with Triple Feeding we ran into issues with the nipple shield but we successfully stoped using the nipple shield & have had little to no issues since! I never understood how difficult breastfeeding can be and I am so glad that I had amazing LCs at the hospital, NICU, & once we got home. I had an over supply the whole past year & have been lucky enough to be able to donate milk to families & babies who need it. I am so excited to be able to turn the rest of my over supply into Booby Food, breastmilk jewelry, & the rest I get to donate.  I'm so glad that we have made it to a year & I plan on going as long as she wants!

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