Lily Briones

Baby Name: Noah

Amount of Breastmilk: 350oz

Instagram: @lily_briones_

I struggled with HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum) both of my pregnancies and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had on my body physically, mentally and emotionally. HG is not morning sickness. Morning sickness You vomit infrequently and the nausea is episodic but not severe. You have significant discomfort.

You vomit, or feel the need to, often and may vomit bile or blood if not treated. Nausea is usually moderate to severe and constant. In my case I had severe HG it took a toll on my life and to this day it’s affected me as a person and my body, I’m currently 2 month pp and my oldest just turned two so you could say I’m having a long recovery. With my first son we went through a roller coaster ride I was struggling to keep up with his cluster feedings but fought through it and still managed to create a decent stash for future reference but we were in the middle of a pandemic didn’t leave the house for a year and sadly my entire stash I had been keeping up with thawed due to a power outage and all that hard work gone to waist. I was able to constantly feed for 20 months but it would have been nice to have been able to give my son that stored away milk for when he was moved onto solids or milk baths and trips for feedings. This time around with my newborn and having hg again I pumped earlier more frequently and have built a bigger stash. Because of hg my body has taken on increasing risk of maternal malnutrition.

Acute malnutrition due to lack of macronutrients and micronutrients causes weight loss, muscle wasting, immobility, and other serious complications like body dysmorphia. It’s been a struggle trying to provide for my babies so I’m so thankful to have found an amazing service like this to help me provide for my baby in the long run for as long as I can. Side note with everything I have gone through in the past 2 years with pregnancy complications and HG and a freaking pandemic on top of giving birth have an emergency C-section to a VBAC women's body and just in general are so so freaking strong and powerful  and it’s so amazing the nutrition we can provide for our little ones especially with a formula shortage going on in this crazy time. I appreciate your services and look forward to receiving my precious liquid gold thank you again.

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