Jennifer Buchanan

Baby Name: Esmeralda 

Amount of Breastmilk: 300oz

Instagram: @jennybuchananan

I struggled producing milk in the beginning I had to resort to using formula to supplement  and one day her stomach reacted horrible to the formula and I vowed to dedicate what I needed to do to get my supply up and I pumped pumped and pumped! I was so tired being hooked up to a machine all day and I was always feeling so drained but eventually it paid off and I was able to supply and feed my little one as well as save extra. In the beginning I had one little bag of stored milk and I was so proud! But I was quickly get discouraged because she would eat through my small supply so I continued to pump and nurse when I could throughout the days. I'm planning on getting a breast reduction and since I'm not sure how my supply will be next time because of the surgery I decided to freeze my milk so my next little baby has the best I can offer him/her my milk ♥️

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