Jenna Hamill

Jenna Hamill

Baby Name: Laurelle

Amount of Breastmilk:  900oz

Instagram: @Jennaghamill

My journey to motherhood has been full of challenges. The last 2 years my body has gone through 2 pregnancies and 3 surgeries (1 being a miscarriage needing 2 surgeries) and this pregnancy was a high risk one as I had placenta previa where I spent the majority in hospital where I had an emergency c section at 35 weeks and we spent 2 weeks in NICU. Unfortunately Laurelle never quite got the hang of breastfeeding and after 2 months of trying and many tears we stopped triple feeding and moved to exclusively pumping. Having an oversupply and a very full freezer I found boobyfood and was excited to get back my freezer space! My pregnancy and breastfeeding journey didn't go quite as planned but I'm still so proud of all my body has gone through and how strong our family is!

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