Janelle Peterson

Baby Name: Sonja 

Amount of Breastmilk: 75oz

Instagram: @jey0506 @thewildlifeca

Oh man.. where to start... Being a mom and an entrepreneur is hard. Real hard. I hadn't intended to return so quickly after my second baby girl, Sonja was born - but my business needed me. I struggled a bit to maintain my supply with my first babe but with the added stress and lack of sleep I struggle even more this time around. I'm not opposed to alternatives to breastmilk or breastfeeding. I use a combination of formula, expressed milk bottles and breastfeeding because that's what's working with my family. Working with a baby attached to you makes it hard to be productive - oh the one handed emails I've written, the conference calls and meetings with a babe on the boob... We do the best we can as working Mamas. Our families is also very active outdoors and keeping baby fed while out on adventures can be challenging too, especially if you can't rely on your boobs to supply enough on the go. One of my very best (breast?) friends had an abundant breast milk supply and donated it to me to combine with my small stash. Turning it into freeze dried powder will allow me flexibility - whether it's a work day away from babe, or having on-demand access while we explore the outdoors!

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