Courtney O’Brien

Courtney O’Brien

Courtney O’Brien   

Baby Name: Harrison 

Amount of Breastmilk: 268oz

Instagram: @courtneygem

My baby was 18 days old when we discovered he has a dairy & soy allergy. In order to continue breastfeeding I had to stop eating all dairy and soy in my diet as well. I'm also a low supply/exclusive pumping momma and have to supplement my son's feeds which is also stressful when trying to find a hypoallergenic formula that my son can tolerate. 

We booked our first vacation with baby and I want to enjoy all the foods I have been unable to for the last 5 months. I've been slowly building a stash for this trip. I'm so proud of all the hard work I've had to put into my breastfeeding journey so far and to get this stash! All the supplements, power pumping, determination, tears, and prayers. 

Knowing I don't have to worry about eating something that could hurt my baby and not having to read labels constantly while on our holiday will be a much needed mental health break.

Fun Fact: We live in the Canadian high arctic! My breastmilk was flown to you from a fly in only community above the Arctic Circle in Nunavut!

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