Carrington Manning

Carrington Manning

Baby Name: Terran 

Amount of Breastmilk:  70oz

Instagram: @Hippymermaid32

My firstborn son Terran was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot, just hours after being born. It was a shock to us as I had a perfectly normal pregnancy. We were in the NICU for 3 days, when he was 3 days old he had 2 surgeries on his little heart. The 1st one was planned the second was an emergency bedside surgery as he clotted the shunt they had placed. 12 days later we were home. They had fortified my milk with progestimil. He had an ng tube for a month so the formula didn’t bother him because he didn’t taste it. When we went to bottle feeds he was rejecting the bottles with added formula. So we just stuck with breastfeeding once he was strong enough. Weight gain is especially hard for babies with heart problems. Fast forward to 4 months old and he is still under the average weight. I found a group about breastfeeding children with congenital heart disease and was led to Booby Food!!! I wish I knew about this option before because I would have done it from day one!!! Being able to supplement his bottles will help his weight gain. Once he is big enough, they will do another open heart surgery to fully repair his defects. Janna has been so understanding and helpful through the whole process! I have been telling everyone about Booby Food. We are so thankful for a more natural way to help our son, and for the benefits Booby Food will give is in the future!!!!

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