Allison Bell

Baby Name: Paisley

Amount of Breastmilk: 150oz

Instagram: @allybell25

I have oversupply issues and all of the milk I collected was from a hakkaa while also actively working to decrease my supply. I actually dumped 6-8oz of milk every night for the first several weeks postpartum as I was way too exhausted to take the milk I collected from the hakkaa downstairs to the fridge so I would have had even more milk frozen! My poor girl really struggled with my oversupply and aggressive letdown. It didn't help that she had a lip and tongue tie that were both released at 6 weeks old. She was on reflux medication, colicky, and couldn't go more than 2 hours between feeds around the clock since she had to work so much harder to nurse with her poor latch. After getting her lip and tongue tie released and then having to teach her how to latch again I ended up with mastitis. Thankfully I met with a lactation consultant, got her latch sorted and got my supply under control so now it's smooth sailing! Breastfeeding is tough but so worth it now!

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