introducing solids with avocado toast and freeze-dried breastmilk for your baby

Avocado Toast with Freeze-Dried Breastmilk

Isn't it the coolest thing when you can make you and your babe foods you both can enjoy! Who doesn't like an awesoem avocado toast in the mornings. Avocados are an incredible first food to introduce to your babe because of it's super high fat content. Babies are not limited by the amount of fat they can have in their diet, this is because fat helps their little brains and nervous systems develop, enhances the flavors of foods and provides helpful antioxidants to protect them against the dreaded colds and flu! Bread has been reccomended as a good introductory food, but it's hard to find a good quality bread!

When choosing a good bread, I have opted for sprouted grains with high protein and good fats, like Silver Hills Little Big Bread. They're smaller in portions and loaded with high quality nutrients.

Adding your freeze-dried breastmilk to the mix gives this breakfast the nutrient powerhouse trifecta! Not only are you providing extra enzymes and probiotics to help your babe digest foods, you're mixing in a flavor they're used to mixed with something new. If this is your first time introducing avocado toast to your babe, you'll be surprised how fast it dissapears!

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