Raquel Nunez

Raquel Nunez

Baby Name: Sebastian Mateo

Amount of Breastmilk: 165 oz

Instagram: @raquel_nunez29

Tiktok: @apollosmomma

My son was born 10 weeks early due to HELLP syndrome, developed NEC 2 weeks after birth while in NICU. I was able to keep my breast feeding journey going for 8 months and life just got to stressful and affected my supply. At that point we decided to use frozen BM stash and come to find out that I have high Lipase which alters the taste. So babe refused my milk. At that point I felt at a loss and all this hard work was over in a instant. Breast milk just sitting there in the Freezer and saw the tiktok about freeze drying it. Figured, I can do this and add to the formula he takes and it won't be a waste and I hopefully get some stress out the way and not have to scramble to find formula.

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