Nicole Pasveer

Baby Name: Aubree

Amount of Breastmilk: 100oz

Instagram: @becoming.mamabear / @nicole.pasveer

Here is our story. 

Breastfeeding was always a goal but I knew going into it  that it would  be a learning curve for both myself and my baby. I honestly had no idea what to expect. You hear about how hard it is, how much it can hurt and how you are constantly fearing if your baby is getting enough.  So after Aubree was born and my midwives helped us with the first latch, I was surprised to find it was not painful for me. They kept asking me if it was hurting and I honestly felt crazy for saying no!  We’ve had an amazing breastfeeding journey so far, Aubree was coined a milk monster very early on and has been a very efficient eater. 

However, I've struggled with oversupply and a fast let down, something that I was not prepared for as low supply is more commonly discussed. 

Oversupply is both a blessing and a challenge.  Obviously I feel blessed to be able to produce more than enough milk. But it’s a challenge when my let down is so fierce that my baby is choking and constantly unlatching. We had to experiment with many different positions and only now that she’s 5 months and a bit more coordinated, do things finally feel a bit more natural.  It’s also been a challenge to feed in public. No one prepared me for the spray and the leaks that would come with a fast let down.  We’ve learned some tricks along the way and I’ve just gotten used to the fact that my bras are always soaked no matter how large the nursing pad 😂

I have tried to catch most of my let down so that I’m not just soaking nursing pads (although I’m doing that too 🙈) and was able to donate a bunch of frozen milk from my early postpartum days to a fellow mama in need. 

I’m grateful to have continued to build up a supply to turn into booby food with plans to make bottles while we are traveling and to sprinkle it into stuff when my Aubree starts solids!

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