Adrienne Raczki

Adrienne Raczki

Baby Name: Jacques

Amount of Breastmilk: 275oz + 200 oz

Instagram: XoXoLashes.yyc

We had started our breastfeeding journey as exclusive pumpers. Baby couldn't latch and I couldn't figure it out. Eventually we got the hang of nursing, and I had accumulated 9 litres of milk! I was a donor at the Northern Star Milk Bank, and then decided to start saving for my Bebe :) freeze drying the milk allows me to continue the health benefits long after the best before date :)

My frozen milk has a very soapy taste, so Bebe didn't like any of my stash! I had been following BoobyFood on socials, and loved what I can do with my freeze dried milk!  Can't wait to start sprinkling it on his food!

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